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On this page, please select the IELTS practice tests that you wish to buy. You can choose either ACADEMIC IELTS practice tests or GENERAL TRAINING IELTS practice tests. After selecting, you will be able to choose on the next page whether you wish to buy the 15 test, 10 test or 5 test option. In our IELTS practice tests you will receive:

* full question papers with listening, reading, writing and speaking questions

* answer sheets for the listening and reading sections

* mp3 recordings for all the listening tests

* full tapescripts of the listening recordings with answers highlighted

* model example writing essays for the writing questions

* example recordings of students doing the speaking questions as it would be in the exam

* examiner reports on the speaking examples

* access to film(s) of speaking tests from our questions

All in all, we believe our Academic IELTS practice tests and General Training IELTS practice tests give you the best preparation for the IELTS test.


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General Training


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